Book 3

3.61 Now, while Cambyses was going mad in Egypt, 2 brothers usurped his throne back home. One of them pretended to be C.'s dead bro Smerdis.

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3.62 Cambyses, hearing a herald say Cyrus' son Smerdis now ruled Persia, assumed Prexaspes had failed to kill his bro. But P. swore he had.

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3.63 Cambyses learned the herald had taken his orders from Patizeithes, a Magian, and realized P. & P's brother Smerdis had risen in revolt.

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3.64 Cambyses had killed bro thinking he was the Smerdis who'd usurp the throne. He got on his horse, cut his leg, & knew he'd die in Egypt.

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3.65 Later Cambyses told his peeps he’d had Prexaspes kill his bro & that the Smerdis in Persia was an impostor they shd remove from power.

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3.66 Cambyses' wound gangrened & he died. The nobles didn't believe Smerdis was an impostor, and Prexaspes denied killing the real Smerdis.

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3.67 The Magian Smerdis ruled w/o trouble for 7 months and made himself popular among non-Persian Asians with his tax & military relief.

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3.68 But Otanes, dad of Smerdis' wife Phaedyme, suspected. Is your hubby really Cyrus' son? he asked. She didn't know. Ask Atossa, he said.

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3.69 But she couldn't get to Atossa, so Otanes had her check hubby for ears: no ears meant he was an imposter. Result: Smerdis was earless!

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3.70 Otanes formed a group of 7 conspirators against Smerdis: himself, Aspathines, Gobryas, Intaphrenes, Megabyzus, Hydarnes, and Darius.

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