Book 3

3.71 Otanes wanted to increase their nos. & move slowly, Darius to keep group small/act at once: he’d turn them in himself if they delayed.

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3.72 Darius outlined his plan at Otanes' request: they'd pretend to have a message for the king and would kill any guards who opposed them.

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3.73 Gobryas agreed w/Darius. They were Persians being ruled by an earless Mede! By a Magian! They should act at once. The rest agreed.

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3.74 Meanwhile, back at the palace, Smerdis and his brother convinced Prexaspes to announce publicly that this Smerdis was the son of Cyrus.

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3.75 But from atop a tower Prexaspes told the assembled Persians the truth: he'd killed the real Smerdis. Then he leapt to his death.

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3.76 En route to the palace the 7 conspirators heard about Prexaspes. They were convinced by an omen (involving birds) to go forward w/plan.

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3.77 They were let in by the guards but stopped by the eunuchs--royal message bearers. They killed the eunuchs and ran to find Smerdis.

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3.78 When they heard the commotion the two Magians grabbed weapons, one a spear, the other his bow. Both were killed, the latter by Darius.

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3.79 They cut off the Magians' heads and ran around showing them to people. Everybody celebrated by killing any Magians they could find.

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3.80 Five days later the conspirators met to discuss Persia's future constitution. Otanes argued in favor of instituting a democracy.

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