Book 4

4.1 Darius invaded Scythia to punish the S for once occupying Media. After 28 yrs the S went home 2 find their women had lived w/the slaves.

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4.2 All the Scythians' slaves are blinded. This has to do w/the fact that the Scythians drink milk, and they use their slaves to churn it.

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4.3 The children of the women and these slaves fought the Scythians when they returned from Media--until the S. got the idea to use whips.

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4.4 Seeing the whips, the slaves lost their fighting spirit, and the Scythians got their land back after their 28-year occupation of Media.

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4.5 The Scythians say their king Targitaus had 3 sons. An omen involving sacred gold led to the youngest of them gaining the sovereignty.

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4.6 The Scythian people, according to the Scythians, were descended from these three brothers.

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4.7 This is how Scythia came to be, so they say. The land north of Scythia is inaccessible because the air there is filled with feathers.

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4.8 But the Greeks who live around the Black Sea say that Heracles fell asleep in what is now Scythia and woke to find his mares missing.

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4.9 A half snake woman had them & wd return them if H. had sex w/her. 3 sons later H got his horses. He instructed her re. the boys' future.

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4.10 Per H.'s instructions, she gave the sovereignty of the country to the youngest, Scythes, who was able to properly use H.'s bow & belt.

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