Book 4

4.91 Darius erected a pillar at the river saying what a great river it was & what a great man he was.

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4.92 He marched to the Artescus River and had each man in the army place a stone in a certain spot, so they left behind a big pile of rocks.

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4.93 Darius subjugated the Getae on his way to the Ister. They're the most law-abiding of all Thracians.

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4.94 Every 5 yrs the Getae send a messenger to their god, Salmoxis (who they think is the only god). They send him by killing him w/spears.

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4.95 As a man Salmoxis claimed he wouldn’t die. This seemed credible when he rose from the dead. (He'd hidden underground for 3 years.)

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4.96 I'm on the fence as to the veracity of the underground bunker story.

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4.97 Darius got to the Ister & crossed w/his army. He was going to have the bridge dismantled but was persuaded to leave it be, under guard.

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4.98 He ordered the Ionians to guard the bridge for 60 days--he gave them a knotted strap to count the days--after which they could go home.

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4.99 The Scythians live along the Black Sea from the Ister to the Crimean Peninsula, which, however, is inhabited by the Taurians.

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4.100 The Scythians also inhabit the area north of Lake Maeotis [the Sea of Azov] to the Tanaïs River, which empties into the lake.

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