Book 4

4.101 Scythia is a square, each of its sides measuring 440 miles.

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4.102 In response to Darius' invasion the Scythians decided to send messengers to their neighbors, whose kings were in fact already meeting.

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4.103 Among those meeting was the king of the Taurians, who kill Greeks and shipwrecked people and stick their heads on poles.

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4.104 The Agathyrsi wear lots of gold and share their women. Since they're all having sex with the same women, they're all related.

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4.105 The Neuri had to relocate bc their old country was infested w/snakes. Once a year one of the Neuri turns into a wolf for a few days.

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4.106 The Maneaters are savage, lawless nomads who eat people.

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4.107 The Black Cloaks wear all black.

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4.108 The Budini have red hair and blue eyes. The Geloni live among them but they are not the same people. The Geloni were originally Greek.

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4.109 The Budini are native to the land and eat lice. The Geloni don't look like them. They farm and eat grain.

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4.110 There's a story that the Greeks conquered the Amazons, but at sea the women killed the Greeks, then came to Scythia and ravaged it.

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