Book 4

4.111 The Scythians fought them until they found out they were women. Then they sent men out to camp near them, hoping to mate w/them.

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4.112 Gradually the Scythian males and the Amazons camped closer and closer together.

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4.113 One day when the Amazons were scattered to relieve themselves, a Scythian and an Amazon had sex, which led to more of them coupling.

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4.114 The men wanted to bring the Amazons home w/them but the girls didn't want to live as housewives. Instead, the men agreed to join them.

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4.115 When the Scythians returned, having fetched their stuff, the Amazons suggested they all move to the other side of the Tanaïs River.

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4.116 They crossed the river and settled a ways off, and the women of these people--now called Sauromatians--still practice their old ways.

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4.117 Among the Sauromatians the rule is that a woman can't marry until she has killed a male enemy. Some of them fail to and remain single.

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4.118 So these kings were meeting, and Scythian messengers came & asked  for help against Darius, since they too would be in his crosshairs.

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4.119 Only three agreed to help, the kings of the Geloni, Budini, and Sauromatians. The rest demurred, saying the Scythians had started it.

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4.120 The Scythians decided to divide their forces in two and withdraw before the Persians, destroying the grass and water as they went.

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