Book 4

4.121 They sent an advance cavalry guard to meet the Persians, and they sent their women and children away, together with their livestock.

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4.122 The Scythian cavalry found the Persians & stayed a day's march ahead of them. The Persians pursued them through Sauromatian territory.

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4.123 The Persians couldn't find much to destroy, but they did burn the town of the Budini. Beyond the Budini there is a desert.

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4.124 Darius stopped there to build forts. Meanwhile the Scythians he'd been following disappeared: in fact they'd looped around behind him.

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4.125 Darius turned west and met up w/the Scythians, who again retreated, leading the Persians into the land of those who'd refused to help.

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4.126 Darius sent a message to the Scythian king, Idanthyrsus: stop running away and fight or give gifts of earth & water [i.e., submit]!

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4.127 Idanthyrsus said he wasn't fleeing: he was just being a nomad. He wouldn't give earth and water but he would send something more apt.

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4.128 Some Scythians went to talk to the Ionians at the bridge. The rest started attacking the Persians when they were gathering provisions.

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4.129 There are no asses or mules in Scythia, so the sound of the Persians' animals confused the Scythians' horses when they attacked.

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4.130 The Scythians sometimes left animals behind for the Persians to find. They wanted Darius to stay longer and so be in greater danger.

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