Book 4

4.131 Now the Scythians sent Darius gifts: a bird, a mouse, a frog, and five arrows. The messenger didn't tell Darius what the gifts meant.

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4.132 D. thought the S. were surrendering. Gobryas thought it meant they'd be shot if they didn't fly away or go underground or under water.

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4.133 The Scythians who'd gone to see the Ionians said they should do as Darius bid them and go home after 60 days. The Ionians agreed.

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4.134 Darius soon realized Gobryas was right about the gifts. They decided to withdraw at night, leaving some of their own soldiers behind.

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4.135 Darius left the weak behind, saying he was going to attack the enemy & they should guard the camp, & he hightailed it to the Ister.

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4.136 In the A.M. those left behind surrendered to the S., who beat Darius to the Ister and told the Ionians, who'd stayed > 60 days, to go.

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4.137 The Ionians talked. The Athenian tyrant of the Chersonese, Miltiades, wanted to leave/free Ionia. Histiaeus of Miletus wanted to stay.

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4.138 The Ionian leaders sided with Histiaeus and decided to stay and hold the bridge.

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4.139 They told the Scythians they would dismantle the bridge (but in fact they only dismantled half the bridge and waited).

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4.140 The Scythians believed them & rode off, but couldn't find Darius. The Persians got to the Ister, didn't see the bridge, & were scared.

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