Book 4

4.141 An Egyptian in the army with the loudest voice in the world called out to Histiaeus, who brought the ships back to re-form the bridge.

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4.142 So the Persians escaped. The Scythians thought the Ionians unmanly (if one thought of them as free men) or very loyal (if as slaves).

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4.143 Darius crossed the Hellespont back into Asia, leaving Megabazus behind as his general in Europe.

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4.144 Megabazus subjugated all the people in the Hellespont who did not voluntarily medize (i.e., side with the Persians).

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4.145 There was another expedition...but I'll get to it later. The Minyae, descendants of the Argonauts, settled among the Lacedaemonians.

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4.146 But when the Minyae became insolent, the Lacedaemonians decided to kill them. The Minyae escaped from jail, however, dressed as women.

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4.147 About this time the Lacedaemonians were sending a colony out to Thera (formerly Calliste) under Theras.

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4.148 Some of the Minyae went off w/Theras. (The rest established themselves in the NW Peloponnese, driving out the previous populations.)

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4.149 Theras’ grandson Aegeus was the founder of a Spartan tribe whose kids kept dying until they built a temple to Laius and Oedipus.

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4.150 The Theraeans say the Delphic oracle bid Grinnus to found a city in Libya; he suggested a young man like Battus do it instead.

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