Book 4

4.151 7 years later the oracle again told the Theraeans to colonize Libya. They went to Africa & left a man, Corobius, on the island Platea.

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4.152 Corobius ran out of provisions, but Samians stopped there en route to Egypt and left him with enough food for a year.

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4.153 Back in Thera, the Theraeans got together a group of colonists and shipped them off to Platea.

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4.154 The Cyrenaeans say King Etearchus, thinking his daughter was a wanton, bid Themison drown her. Themison instead took her to Thera.

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4.155 She later had a son, Battus, whom the Delphic oracle told to colonize Libya. Not having the resources to do so, B. ignored the oracle.

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4.156 When the Theraeans later consulted the oracle, it  bid them help B. colonize Libya. They wound up sending him and a colony to Platea.

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4.157 Later they asked Delphi why things were still bad. Answer: they hadn't been to Libya yet! They moved from Platea to Aziris in Libya.

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4.158 They lived in Aziris for six years. In the seventh year, they moved to a rainier part of Libya and founded Cyrene.

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4.159 Battus ruled Cyrene for 40 years & his son Arcesilaus for 16. Under Battus II the population increased. Egypt attacked & was defeated.

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4.160 The brothers of Arcesilaus II founded nearby Barca. Arcesilaus II's brother Haliarchus killed him and was killed by A's wife in turn.

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