Book 4

4.161 Under Battus III ('the Lame') Cyrene underwent democratic reforms.

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4.162 Arcesilaus III wound up having to flee to Samos. His mother, Pheretime, fled to Salamis on Cyprus & tried in vain to get an army.

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4.163 The oracle told Arc.: if you find an oven full of pots, don't bake it; if you do, avoid the sea-girt land or you & the bull will die.

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4.164 Arc. regained power in Cyrene. He burned his enemies in a tower (oven) & went to see Alazir (bull) in (sea-girt) Barca: both killed.

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4.165 When she heard her son was dead, Pheretime fled to Egypt and begged Aryandes, the Persian governor there, to avenge her.

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4.166 This Aryandes would later be executed by King Darius of Persia on suspicion of rebellion.

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4.167 Aryandes sent an expedition against Barca under Amasis. Supposedly this was for Pheretime, but I think he wanted to conquer Libya.

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4.168 Now I'll tell you about those who inhabit Libya. The king of the Adyrmachidae have the right of prima nocte. They dwell nearest Egypt.

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4.169 The Giligamae come next. They inhabit the land the Cyrenaeans colonized. 

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4.170 To the west of the Giligamae are the Asbystae, who use four-horse chariots a lot.

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