Book 4

4.171 To the west again are the Auschisae, who live near Barca. The Bacales live within their territory.

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4.172 The Nasamones  eat locusts and share their women in common. On a bride's wedding night she sleeps with all the men at the feast.

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4.173 Near the Nasamones were the Psylli, who were buried in a sandstorm. The Nasamones took over their land.

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4.174 Inland of these are the Garamantes, who avoid social interaction and don’t practice warfare.

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4.175 The Macae have mohawks.

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4.176 The women of the Gindanes wear leather anklets, one for each man she's had sex with. The one with the most anklets is considered best.

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4.177 The Lotus-eaters live on a cape that projects from the land of the Gindanes. They really like eating lotus fruit.

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4.178 The Machlyes eat lotuses too, but not as much as the Lotus-eaters. The Triton River borders their land and issues into Lake Tritonis.

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4.179 They say that Jason & the Argonauts were driven to Lake Triton by winds. They were stuck there until they gave Triton a bronze tripod.

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4.180 The Auseans live on the other side of the Triton River. They don't live as couples but share their women in common.

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