Book 4

4.181 The above live near the coast. Inland there are springs at 10-day intervals around which ppl live. The 1st of these are the Ammonians.

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4.182 Ten days' journey beyond the Ammonians there is the spring called Augila.

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4.183 10 days beyond are the Garamantes, whose oxen graze backwards. They hunt the cave-dwelling Ethiopians, the fastest runners of all men.

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4.184 10 days beyond them are the Atarantes, who don't have individual names. Beyond that are the Atlantes, who don't dream or eat meat.

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4.185 Beyond the Atlantes there are further springs at 10-day intervals, but I don't know names. The people's houses are made of salt.

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4.186 So, between Egypt and Lake Triton live carnivorous (but not cow- or pig-eating), milk-drinking nomads.

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4.187 To the west of the lake, the Libyans are not nomads. BTW, the nomadic Libyans cauterize their kids' heads when they're four years old.

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4.188 The nomadic Libyans begin sacrifices by throwing animal’s ear over the house. All Libyans sacrifice to the sun & moon; some to Athena.

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4.189 The Greeks adopted the garments and aegis of Athena from the Libyans, from whom they also learned how to yoke four horses together.

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4.190 Most of the nomads bury their dead like the Greeks do, but the Nasamones bury them sitting up: they don't let ppl die on their backs.

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