Book 4

4.11 I believe a 3rd story: the nomadic Scythians, under pressure from the Massagetae, invaded & settled in what had been Cimmerian country.

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4.12 There is still evidence of the Cimmerians' occupation of the land in Scythia today. Part of the country, e.g., is called Cimmeria.

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4.13 A poet named Aristeas says it was the Issedones who drove the Scythians out of their land.

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4.14 This Aristeas once died in a fuller's shop, but then his corpse disappeared. He reappeared years later, wrote a poem, & vanished again.

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4.15 240 years later Aristeas showed up in Metapontum in Italy & told them to set up a statue of him. So there's a statue of him in Italy.

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4.16 No one knows what’s north of the land I’m talking about. No one I’ve met has been there. But I’ll tell you the things I do know.

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4.17 Various grain-sowing ppl live along the Hypanis R. going north from the Black Sea. As far as we know no one lives beyond the Neuri.

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4.18 Scythian farmers live along the Borysthenes for some distance. A ways beyond them are the Maneaters, and beyond them it's uninhabited.

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4.19 East of the farmers are the Scythian nomads, who inhabit the land going east to the Gerrhus River (a 14-day journey across).

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4.20 East of the Gerrhus, along the north shore of Lake Maeotis to the Tanaïs R, are the Royal Scythians, & north of them the Black Cloaks.

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