Book 4

4.191 West of the Triton River live the Libyans who cultivate. There are a lot of wild beasts in this area, e.g., lions, elephants, & bears.

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4.192 Different animals live in the nomads' country, including donkeys that never drink, foxes, weasels, and three different kinds of mice.

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4.193 Next to the Maxyes (who live west of the Triton River) are the Zaueces. Their women drive chariots into battle.

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4.194 Next to them are the Gyzantes. They keep bees but also make artificial honey. They smear themselves with vermillion and eat monkeys.

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4.195 Off their coast there is a narrow island and on it a lake. Girls there smear feathers with pitch & bring up gold dust out of the mud.

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4.196 Beyond the pillars of Hercules is a place where Carthiginians trade w/locals, gold for goods. They do it w/o talking to one another.

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4.197 Those are the Libyans I can name. Four races inhabit the land: the Libyans & Ethiopians are indigenous; the Greeks & Persians are not.

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4.198 Libyan land is not very productive compared to Asia and Europe, except for an area called Cinyps, which is watered by springs.

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4.199 In Cyrene there are three growing seasons, so that the harvest lasts in all eight months. But enough about Libya. Back to the story.

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4.200 So Aryandes sent an army to Libya at Pheretime's request, and they laid siege to Barca unsuccessfully for nine months.

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