Book 4

4.21 East of the Tanaïs are the Sauromatians, who are not Scythian, and north of them the Budini.

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4.22 North of the Budini it's desolate for a stretch, then there are some non-Scythian tribes of hunters, and east of them more Scythians.

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4.23 Beyond these Scythian lands there's rugged terrain where the Argippaei live. They are all bald from birth and they live under trees.

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4.24 So we know about the bald guys & the other people I've mentioned through both the Scythians & the Greeks who live around the Black Sea.

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4.25 No one knows who lives north of the baldies (who say the land is inhabited by goat-footed men). The Issedones live east of the baldies.

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4.26 The Issedones eat their dead fathers and clean out and gild the heads afterwards. Their men and women have equal power.

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4.27 The Issedones say that beyond them live one-eyed men and griffins.

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4.28 Winter in Scythia lasts for 8 months and it is very severe. The sea freezes over. The rest of the year is also cold, & it rains a lot.

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4.29 I think the cold is why the oxen in Scythia don’t grow horns. On the other hand, in Libya, as Homer says, lambs grow horns from birth.

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4.30 In Elis, meanwhile, mules can’t be bred, even though it’s not cold there. The Eleans say it’s because of a curse.

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