Book 4

4.41 That's Asia. Another peninsula is Libya [Africa], which you come to going west from Egypt.

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4.42 Libya is surrounded by water except at its border with Asia. This was proved by some Phoenicians who circumnavigated Libya.

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4.43 Xerxes' cousin Sataspes was supposed to sail around Libya, but only went part way. Xerxes later had him impaled for some other reason.

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4.44 Much of Asia was discovered by Darius, who sent men down the Indus River (crocodiles galore!) to see where it emptied into the sea.

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4.45 Europe stretches the length of both Libya and Egypt. No one knows whether it is surrounded by water, or where its name comes from.

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4.46 The Black Sea area is inhabited by the stupidest ppl in the world--not the Scythians, who learned that nomadism makes them invincible.

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4.47 Their land is particularly suited to the nomadic lifestyle. There are eight major rivers in Scythia, which I shall describe.

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4.48 The Ister River [Danube] is the westernmost and most voluminous of these rivers. Many other rivers empty into it, adding to the volume.

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4.49 The Ister flows through all of Europe, beginning in the far west, where the Celts live.

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4.50 It seems to have the same volume in summer and winter. The addition of snowmelt and rain in warm weather is offset by evaporation.

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