Book 4

4.61 They cook meat in cauldrons (theirs are like Lesbian cauldrons) or cook it in the animal's stomach over a fire made from its bones.

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4.62 Every year they sacrifice 1% of their captured enemies to Ares. They burn them in a bonfire after first cutting off their right arms.

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4.63 They don't sacrifice or even keep pigs.

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4.64 The Scythians drink the blood of the 1st man they kill & make napkins or coats from enemy scalps. They make quiver covers out of hands.

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4.65 They sometimes make drinking vessels out of enemy skulls, sawing off the part below the eyebrows & gilding the inside if they're rich.

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4.66 The greatest disgrace among them is not to have killed an enemy.

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4.67 Scythian soothsayers prophesy using willow rods. But the hermaphroditic diviners among them prophesy with the bark of a lime tree.

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4.68 When the Scythian king becomes sick, prophets accuse some citizen of perjury, and either he is killed or, if he's acquitted, they are.

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4.69 The prophets are burned alive in a wagon. When the king kills someone, that person's male relatives are also all killed.

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4.70 When the Scythians swear to agreements, they mix wine w/the blood of the contracting parties, dip weapons into it, & drink the mixture.

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