Book 4

4.71 When a Scythian king dies they stuff his body, coat it w/wax, take it on a tour of the country, & bury him w/horses and a few servants.

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4.72 Later they kill 50 of the king's servants and 50 horses. They stuff them, pin the men to the horses, and arrange them around the tomb.

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4.73 When regular ppl die their families carry them around in wagons visiting friends for 40 days. Then they bury them & purify themselves.

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4.74 Cannabis grows in Scythia, both wild and cultivated. The Thracians make clothes out of it that look just like linen.

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4.75 The Scythians put cannabis seeds on hot rocks and take steam baths, during which they howl with delight. They don't bathe with water.

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4.76 The Scythians eschew foreign customs. E.g., Anacharsis went to Greece and was killed when back in Scythia for performing a Greek rite.

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4.77 The Peloponnesians say Anacharsis told his king that the Spartans were the only Greeks you could have a decent convo with. (A joke?)

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4.78 Years later there was a Scythian king named Scyles who would ditch his men and act like a Greek every time he went to Borysthenes.

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4.79 Undeterred by a bad omen, Scyles got himself initiated into the rites of Dionysus. Some Scythian nobles found out and told everybody.

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4.80 The Scythians rebelled against him and made his brother Octamasades king. Scyles fled, but Octamasades caught him and beheaded him.

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