Book 4

4.81 I heard a number of different accounts but haven't been able to find out with any accuracy how many Scythians there are.

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4.82 Scythia doesn't boast much that's noteworthy, but there was one thing: I saw Heracles' footprint impressed in rock. It's 3 ft. long.

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4.83 While Darius was preparing his campaign against Scythia, his brother Artabanus tried to talk him out of it, to no avail.

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4.84 A Persian, Oeobazus, asked Darius if one of his sons could stay home. To O's delight, D. said they all could. Then he had them killed.

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4.85 Darius marched from Susa to the bridge that had been built across the Bosporus. He also sailed off to take a look at the Black Sea.

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4.86 The Black Sea, I estimate, is 1220 miles long by 363 miles wide. Lake Maeotis, which is also pretty big, flows into the Black Sea.

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4.87 Back at the bridge, Darius set up two pillars listing the nations participating in the campaign. There were 700,000 men & 600 ships.

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4.88 Darius also gave a big reward to Mandrocles, the architect of the bridge over the Bosporus. 

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4.89 Darius now crossed the Hellespont. He'd already sent the Ionians ahead to bridge the Ister. Now he marched north as far as the Tearus.

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4.90 The Tearus River has healing properties and is an especially effective cure for scabies.

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