Book 5

5.1 Back in the Hellespont area, Megabazus, Darius' general, 1st subdued the Perinthians.

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5.2 Next, per Darius' orders, Megabazus subdued all of Thrace.

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5.3 The Thracians are the largest nation of all mankind, but they are not united. The various tribes have similar customs except for three.

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5.4 I've already written re. the Getae [4.94]. The Trausi mourn at someone's birth & rejoice when he dies. [1/2 OF THE HISTORY NOW TWEETED!]

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5.5 When 1 of the Thracians who live above the Crestonaeans dies, his favorite wife is slaughtered over his tomb. The other wives feel bad.

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5.6 The Thracians let their daughters mate with anyone they want. They sell their children for export. Tattoos & war are good & farming bad.

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5.7 They worship Ares, Dionysus, and Artemis, but their kings chiefly worship Hermes.

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5.8 The burial of wealthy people involves the sacrifice of lots of victims and a feast, with a festival and contests.

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5.9 No one knows who lives north of the Thracians. The only ppl I know who live beyond the Ister are the Sigynnae, who have shaggy horses.

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5.10 The Thracians say no one can travel beyond the Ister because of the bees there, but I doubt this, as bees are sensitive to cold.

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