Book 5

5.91 Wanting to keep the Athenians weak, the Spartans summoned Hippias from exile and told their allies they wanted to restore him to power.

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5.92 Most of the allies disapproved. A Corinthian, Socles, talked about the abuses committed by their tyrants, Cypselus and Periander.

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5.93 Hippias told Socles he'd be sorry. But the rest of the allies agreed with Socles and asked Sparta not to impose a tyranny on Athens.

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5.94 So Hippias went back to Sigeum on the Hellespont, which Pisistratus had taken by force from Mytilene. It had been fought over since.

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5.95 During 1 fight re. Sigeum the poet Alcaeus fled, leaving behind his arms. He wrote a poem about it. Later Athens & Mytilene reconciled.

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5.96 Hippias whined to Artaphrenes, who told the Athenians to restore Hippias to power. They refused & were thus openly at enmity w/Persia.

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5.97 It was now that Aristagoras of Miletus came to Athens. The Athenians decided to send 20 ships to aid the Ionian rebels against Persia.

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5.98 Aristagoras returned to Miletus and incited many of the Paeonians to run away from Asia and make their way back to Thrace.

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5.99 The Athenians, meanwhile, arrived with their 20 ships, and the Eretrians came with 5. They joined in a rebel attack on Sardis.

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5.100 The rebels captured all of the city except the acropolis, which was held by Artaphrenes.

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