Book 5

5.101 The Ionians started a fire that spread across the city. The defenders gathered near a river, and the rebels were forced to retreat.

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5.102 So Sardis burned, and with it the temple of Cybebe. But the Persians followed the Ionians to Ephesus and defeated them in battle.

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5.103 After Sardis, the Athenians went home and refused Aristagoras' entreaties, and the rebels went on to successes in the Hellespont.

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5.104 Cyprus joined the Ionian rebellion too, except for the Amathusians.

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5.105 When Darius heard about Sardis, he shot an arrow into the sky and prayed that Zeus grant him the chance of punishing the Athenians.

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5.106 Darius questioned Histiaeus to see if he was behind Aristagoras' revolt. H. denied it and asked to be sent home to put things right.

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5.107 Histiaeus was lying, of course, but Darius was fooled and sent him off, telling him to return to Susa when he was finished.

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5.108 Meanwhile, a Persian army was en route to Cyprus. The rebel leader Onesilus called in the Ionians for help, and they came in force.

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5.109 The rebels decided that the Ionians would confront the Phoenicians by sea, while the Cypriots fought the Persians on land.

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5.110 The Persians came to the plain of Salamis, on Cyprus. Onesilus and his men were drawn up opposite the Persian general Artybius.

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