Book 5

5.111 Artybius had a horse trained to fight against the enemy. Onesilus' plan was to attack Artybius while his squire took down the horse.

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5.112 So the battle was fought. The Ionians beat the Phoenicians, and on land Onesilus and his squire took down Artybius and his horse.

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5.113 But finally the Persians defeated the Cypriots, and among the dead was Onesilus, who had brought about the revolt on Cyprus.

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5.114 The Amathusians cut off Onesilus' head & hung it up. But after bees moved into it, and per the advice of an oracle, they buried it.

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5.115 When they heard about what had happened on land, the Ionians sailed back to Ionia. The Persians ultimately recaptured all of Cyprus.

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5.116 Daurises (Darius' son-in-law) and other Persian generals pursued the Ionians and defeated them. They plundered Ionia.

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5.117 Daurises next captured cities in the Hellespont. But when he heard the Carians had revolted he left the Hellespont and invaded Caria.

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5.118 The Carians decided they would engage the Persians just south of the Maeander, so that the Persians had the river at their backs.

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5.119 The Persians crossed the river and defeated the Carians: 2000 Persian dead against 10,000 Carians. The Carians withdrew to Labraunda.

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5.120 They were joined there by the Milesians & other allies, but the Persians came & defeated them again. The Milesians lost the most men.

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