Book 5

5.121 The Carians rallied and ambushed the Persians at Pedasus. The Persians were destroyed. Among the dead was their general Daurises.

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5.122 Another Persian general, Hymaees, went to the Hellespont after Daurises left and captured territory there. But he got sick and died.

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5.123 Artaphrenes, the governor of Sardis, and Otanes marched against Ionia and Aeolia. They captured Cyme and Clazomenae.

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5.124 Aristagoras, in light of the Persian wins, wanted to flee. He talked with his people about where they could go. Myrcinus in Thrace?

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5.125 Hecataeus thought Aristagoras should fortify the island of Leros and use that as his base.

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5.126 But Aristagoras went to Myrcinus with a number of his people. He was killed by Thracians while laying siege to a town there.

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