Book 5

5.11 Darius rewarded Histiaeus and Cöes for their service in Scythia: Histiaeus wanted Myrcinus in Thrace, Cöes to be tyrant of Mytilene.

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5.12 Darius decided to bring the Paeonians of Thrace to Asia after watching a Paeonian girl walk through Sardis one day while spinning flax.

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5.13 Speaking to her brothers, Darius became convinced that the Paeonians as a whole were an industrious people.

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5.14 He sent orders to Megabazus to capture the Paeonians and bring them to Asia. Megabazus duly marched on Paeonia.

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5.15 Many of the Paeonians surrendered to Megabazus after he had captured their cities.

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5.16 Some of the Paeonians were not captured, including those who live in houses on stilts over the water. Their men marry multiple wives.

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5.17 After the Paeonians, Megabazus sent seven Persian emissaries to Macedon to ask the Macedonian king, Amyntas, for earth and water.

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5.18 Amyntas complied & feasted the Persians. He allowed women to join the party, against Macedonian custom. The Persians pawed at them.

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5.19 Amyntas endured the insult, fearing the Persians, but his son Alexander was angry & persuaded Amyntas to go to bed: he would play host.

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5.20 Amyntas left. Alexander told the women to go bathe, and he replaced them with armed boys, who killed the Persians when they got fresh.

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