Book 5

5.21 So the ambassadors were all killed. Alexander later made the problem go away by marrying his sister to the guy charged w/finding them.

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5.22 The Macedonians are of Greek descent. The Olympic officials thought as much, as they allowed Alexander to participate in a footrace.

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5.23 Megabazus returned to Sardis from Thrace and suggested Darius recall Histiaeus: he was fortifying Myrcinus and might become a threat.

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5.24 Darius summoned Histiaeus and brought him with him to Susa, where Histiaeus was to serve as his trusted advisor.

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5.25 Darius made his brother-by-another-mother Artaphrenes satrap of Sardis & gave Otanes (not the conspirator) Megabazus' job.

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5.26 Otanes captured, among other places, Byzantium and the islands of Lemnos and Imbros.

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5.27 Lycaretus was made governor of the Lemnians, but he was killed on the job because he was a bully and enslaved everybody.

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5.28 Other troubles came, in Naxos and Miletus. The Milesians had once been torn by faction, but they had been reconciled by the Parians.

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5.29 The Parians helped by restructuring their government. They gave authority in Miletus to the Milesians whose farms were best run.

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5.30 So, some Naxian rebels asked Aristagoras, acting tyrant of Miletus, for help w/restoration to Naxos. He said he'd talk to Artaphrenes.

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