Book 5

5.41 So Cleomenes was born to #2, then #1 suddenly got pregnant. She eventually had three sons, Dorieus, Leonidas, and Cleombrotus.

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5.42 When Cleomenes got the kingship instead of him, Dorieus sailed off in a huff to found a colony in Libya. 2 yrs later he was driven out.

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5.43 He sailed off to found a colony in Sicily instead. But first he went to Italy.

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5.44 In Italy Dorieus joined Croton in a war against Sybaris. That's what the Sybarites say, at least, but the Crotoniates deny it.

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5.45 Both sides offer evidence. (E.g., the Crotoniates say that if D. had helped he would have received allotments of land, but he didn't.)

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5.46 Dorieus then sailed to Sicily. He and all but one of his men promptly died in battle against the Phoenicians and Egestans.

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5.47 One of the men who died with Dorieus was Philippus of Croton, an Olympic victor and the handsomest man of his day.

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5.48. So, Dorieus died. Had he lived, he would have ruled Sparta: Cleomenes didn't live long and he left no sons--just a daughter, Gorgo.

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5.49 Aristagoras went to Cleomenes asking that the Spartans help the Ionians revolt from Persia. Cleomenes postponed answering for two days.

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5.50 Two days later, hearing it would take 3 months to get from the sea to Persia's capital, Cleomenes told A. to leave: the answer was no.

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