Book 5

5.51 Aristagoras followed Cleomenes home & tried to bribe him, but C. left the room after his daughter cried out that A. would corrupt him.

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5.52 The Royal Road from the coast to the capital of Susa is safe. All along it stations are set up at intervals where you can stop & rest.

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5.53 There are 111 stations in all. The journey along the Royal Road from Sardis to Susa takes exactly ninety days.

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5.54 So Aristagoras told the truth when he said the trip would take 3 months. If you're starting from Ephesus, it would take another 3 days.

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5.55 Aristagoras next went to Athens, which was now rid of its tyrant Hippias. He had ruled harshly after his brother Hipparchus was killed.

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5.56 Hipparchus dreamt of his death the night before he died. The next day he was killed while conducting Athens' Panathenaic procession.

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5.57 The assassins, Harmodius and Aristogiton, were descended from the Gephyraeans, who came with Cadmus from Phoenicia to Boeotia.

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5.58 The Phoenicians who came with Cadmus brought the alphabet to Greece. The Greeks learned the letters and altered their forms somewhat.

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5.59 I've seen Cadmean letters myself, in a shrine to Apollo in Boeotia. They're like Ionic Greek letters in many ways.

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5.60 The inscription on one of the tripods in the shrine says it was dedicated by Scaeus. This could be Hippocoon's son, from Oedipus' day.

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