Book 5

5.61 Another tripod was dedicated by Laodamas, the king of the Cadmeans.

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5.62 But back to the story. Hippias was ruling harshly. The Alcmaeonidae had been exiled under Hippias & were trying to get back to Athens.

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5.63 They got Delphi to convince the Spartans they should help restore the Alcmaeonidae. The Spartans attacked Athens but were defeated.

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5.64 The Spartans made a 2nd expedition against Athens by land, under Cleomenes. He besieged the Acropolis, where Hippias and his crew were.

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5.65 The Pisistratids (Hippias et al.) agreed to leave Athens to gain release of their kids, who'd been captured. They had ruled for 36 yrs.

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5.66 Next, the Alcmaeonid Cleisthenes & Isagoras vied for power. C. gained popular support & organized the ppl into 10 tribes instead of 4.

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5.67 I think Cleisthenes was emulating his grandpa, Cleisthenes, tyrant of Sicyon. He stopped the worship of the hero Adrastus in Sicyon.

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5.68 Cleisthenes of Sicyon also changed the names of the tribes in Sicyon. He gave them animal names--like Hoggies--in order to mock them.

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5.69 Cleisthenes of Athens likewise reorganized Athens' tribal structure, assigning the demes to tribes. He thus won the support of the ppl.

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5.70 Isagoras in turn called upon Cleomenes for help. Cleom. demanded the Athenians banish Cleisthenes et al. because his family was cursed.

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