Book 5

5.71 The curse started bc an Alcmaeonid had once killed the failed would-be tyrant Cylon & his minions, despite that they were suppliants.

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5.72 The Spartans drove out Cleisthenes and 700 Athenian families, then seized the Acropolis, but the Athenians forced them to leave.

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5.73 Knowing the Spartans would be back, the Athenians sent to Persia to make an alliance. The messengers gave Darius earth and water.

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5.74 Cleomenes, insulted by his ouster, gathered a great army and invaded Attica. His allies overran other parts of Attica at the same time.

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5.75 But before there was a fight, the Corinthians abandoned the Spartans, and Demaratus, the other Spartan king, also turned back. 

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5.76 Finally the other allies went home. This was the Spartans’ 4th invasion of Attica. (They’d tried twice to banish the Pisistratids.)

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5.77 The Athenians took revenge by attacking Boeotia and Chalchis (on Euboea). They took more than 700 prisoners, whom they later ransomed.

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5.78 Equality and free speech are in all respects a good. The Athenians, once rid of Hippias, sought to do their best. Not so under tyranny.

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5.79 In Boeotia, the Thebans asked the Delphic oracle about taking vengeance. It advised them to beg those nearest them for help.

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5.80 They finally realized the oracle meant they should ask Aegina for help. They did & the Aeginetans sent them images of Aeginetan heroes.

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