Book 5

5.81 The images didn't help, so the Boeotians asked for men. The Aeginetans, remembering their enmity w/Athens, attacked the Athenian coast.

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5.82 The enmity began after the Epidaurians carved images from Attic olive trees. In return they agreed to make annual offerings to Athena.

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5.83 The Aeginetans and Epidaurians fell out, and the Aeginetans stole the sacred images and set them up in their own land.

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5.84 The Epidaurians stopped making their annual offerings. The Athenians, angered, demanded Aegina hand over the images, but they refused.

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5.85 The Athenians say they sent men to Aegina to take the images, but they went crazy and killed each other. Only one of them survived.

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5.86 The Aeginetans say the Athenians attacked with a fleet, and their Argive allies came to help & cut the Athenians off from their ships.

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5.87 But all agree only one survived. When he got back to Athens, the wives of the men who'd died stabbed him to death w/their brooch pins.

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5.88 After that, the Athenians made their women stop using brooch pins. And in Argos & Aegina laws required that brooch pins be 50% longer.

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5.89 So the Aeginetans helped the Boeotians. An oracle said the Athenians shd wait 30 yrs before fighting Aegina, but they didn't want to.

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5.90 Athens thus prepared for war. Meanwhile, the Spartans found out the Alcmaeonidae had bribed Delphi to get the Spartans to oust Hippias.

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