Book 6

6.1 En route to Miletus, Histiaeus met Artaphrenes. Suspecting H. was behind the revolt, A. said H. had stitched the shoe Aristagoras wore.

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6.2 Frightened by A.'s suspicions, Histiaeus fled to Chios. The Chians tied him up until he convinced them he was really an enemy of Darius.

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6.3 The Ionians asked Histiaeus why he'd prompted Aristagoras to revolt. He lied, saying Darius planned to move the Ionians to Phoenicia.

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6.4 Histiaeus sent letters to Persian collaborators in Sardis, but his messenger gave them to Artaphrenes, who killed the collaborators.

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6.5 The Chians tried to reinstall Histiaeus in Miletus, but they didn't want him back. He got ships from Lesbos & went to Byzantium instead.

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6.6 Meanwhile, the Persians had gathered all their forces and were descending on Miletus.

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6.7 The Ionians decided the Milesians should defend their walls while the other Ionians manned every ship & collected at the island of Lade.

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6.8 The Ionians all together had 353 ships at Lade. Those w/the most were the Milesians (80), Chians (100), Lesbians (70) & Samians (60).

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6.9 The barbarians (w/600 ships) told the exiled Ionian tyrants with them to offer rewards to their people to convince them to change sides.

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6.10 The tyrants duly sent messengers to their old cities, but none turned traitor. Each thought they were the only ones to get the offer.

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