Book 6

6.91 That was later. The rich Aeginetans killed 700 of the popular party. One guy sought refuge at a temple. They chopped his hands off.

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6.92 The Athenians attacked w/70 ships. Argos wouldn't help Aegina, but 1000 Argive volunteers came. The Athenians killed most of them.

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6.93 The Aeginetans defeated the Athenians and captured four of their ships.

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6.94 Meanwhile, Darius was keen to deal w/Greece. He made Datis & Artaphrenes generals and sent them to enslave the Athenians & Eretrians.

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6.95 Their forces gathered in Cilicia, a vast army and 600 ships. They sailed west from Samos thru the Aegean (fearing Athos, I think).

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6.96 They landed first at Naxos, enslaved whomever they caught, and burned the Naxians' temples and city.

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6.97 The Delians fled as the Persians neared, but Datis told them Delos wouldn't be harmed, as it was the birthplace of two gods.

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6.98 After Datis left Delos the island experienced an earthquake, having never had one before--a portent of troubles to come in Greece.

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6.99 The Persians sailed around the islands and went to Carystus on Euboea, collecting hostages and forcing the Greeks to join them.

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6.100 The Eretrians knew the Persians were coming for them. Some wanted to betray their city. Others wanted to flee to the hills of Euboea.

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