Book 6

6.101 They stayed to defend their walls. The Persians attacked and took the city on day 7. They burned its temples and enslaved its people.

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6.102 After a few days the Persians sailed to Attica. Hippias, the son of Pisistratus, instructed them to land at Marathon.

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6.103 The Athenians marched to Marathon under the command of 10 generals, one of whom was Miltiades, the son of Cimon.

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6.104 Since he'd returned from the Chersonese, Miltiades was tried in connection w/his tyranny there, but was acquitted and elected general.

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6.105 While still in Athens, the generals sent a runner, Phidippides, to Sparta. (He later said he ran into the god Pan on Mt. Parthenium.)

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6.106 Phidippides arrived the next day & asked the Spartans to send help. They agreed to, but said they couldn't until after the full moon.

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6.107 Hippias had dreamt he would die in Attica. But when he lost a tooth after disembarking he knew only it was fated to lie in Attic soil.

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6.108 The Plataeans came in full force to help the Athenians at Marathon, as the two states had been staunch allies for some time.

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6.109 Athens' generals disagreed over whether to fight or not. Miltiades talked w/the polemarch Callimachus, urging him to vote pro-fight.

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6.110 Callimachus was persuaded: the Athenians would fight. But they still waited to attack until it was Miltiades’ official turn 2 command.

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