Book 6

6.111 They formed for battle: Callimachus held the right wing & the Plataeans the left. They were weak in the center & strong on the wings.

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6.112 The Athenians advanced against the Persians at a run. They were the first Greeks to charge at a run and the first to face the Medes.

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6.113 The fight was long. The Persians broke the Athenian center but were routed by the Greeks on the wings, who chased them to their ships.

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6.114 Callimachus & the general Stesilaus died near the ships, also Cynegirus [Aeschylus' brother], whose hand was chopped off with an axe.

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6.115 The Athenians took 7 enemy ships. The rest sailed around Sunium toward Athens. Allegedly, the Alcmaeonidae signaled for them to do so.

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6.116 The Athenians rushed back to Athens and got there first. The Persians lay at anchor off Phalerum for a while, then returned to Asia.

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6.117 Some 6400 barbarians died in the battle, and 192 Athenians. One Athenian, Epizelus, went blind in the fight, though he wasn't struck.

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6.118 A dream prompted Datis, on his way back to Asia, to drop a stolen image of Apollo off at Delos, asking that it be returned to Thebes.

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6.119 Back in Asia, Datis & Artaphrenes took the enslaved Eretrians to Darius. He did them no further harm and settled them in Cissia.

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6.120 After the full moon 2000 Spartans hurried to Athens, 2 late for battle but eager to see the Medes. They visited Marathon & went home.

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