Book 6

6.121 I don't think the Alcmaeonidae signaled that the Persians should attack Athens: they hated tyranny as much as Callias.

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6.122 Callias had helped free Athens from tyranny. He was also an Olympic victor, and he let his 3 daughters marry anyone they wanted.

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6.123 The Alcmaeonidae were in fact responsible for getting rid of Hippias: they bribed the oracle to get the Spartans to drive him out.

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6.124 The Alc. were honored by the democracy, too, so wouldn't have wanted to hurt the state. Someone signaled the Persians, but not them.

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6.125 The Alc. had become rich in Alcmaeon's day: Croesus of Lydia rewarded him with riches for his kindness to Lydians visiting Greece.

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6.126 They soon became greater yet. Cleisthenes of Sicyon held a contest for his daughter's hand. Suitors came from throughout the Grk wrld.

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6.127 Among those vying for the girl's hand were two men from Athens, Hippoclides, the son of Tisander, and Megacles, the son of Alcmaeon.

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6.128 Cleisthenes kept the men for a year, putting their manliness & character to the test. He liked Hippoclides most & after him Megacles.

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6.129 On decision day Cleisth. gave a feast, & Hippoclides upset him w/his lewd dancing. Told he'd lost the contest, H. said he didn't care.

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6.130 Cleisthenes made his announcement. He gave the runners-up a talent of silver each and betrothed his daughter Agariste to Megacles.

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