Book 6

6.131 Megacles and Agariste had a son, the Cleisthenes whose reforms democratized Athens. Their great-grandson was Pericles of Athens.

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6.132 After Marathon Miltiades, now more famous than ever, asked for & was given 70 ships for an expedition he promised would be lucrative.

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6.133 Miltiades sailed off & besieged Paros--allegedly bc they'd helped the Persians--and demanded they hand over 100 talents. They refused.

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6.134 The Parians say Miltiades, at the suggestion of a priestess, went to Demeter's temple for some reason, panicked, and injured his leg.

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6.135 Miltiades sailed home, injured, his expedition a failure. Delphi later told the Parians he'd been aided by a phantom, not a priestess.

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6.136 M. was charged w/lying to the people. He was convicted & fined & soon died from his injury. His conquest of Lemnos was cited in court.

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6.137 The story is that the Athenians at one point drove the Pelasgians out of Attica. The P. then settled other places, including Lemnos.

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6.138 The P in Lemnos kidnapped & had kids w/some Athenian women. These kids bullied their Pelasgian peers so the P. killed them & the moms.

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6.139 Told by Delphi to make it right, the P. agreed to give up Lemnos if the Athen. sailed there from their land in 1 day in a north wind.

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6.140 Years later, Miltiades sailed w/a north wind from the Chersonese--Attic land--and took Lemnos. Some Lemnians only left after a siege.

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