Book 6

6.11 The Ionians gathered at Lade and Dionysius, the Phocaean general, addressed them: if they worked hard, they could beat the Persians.

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6.12 Dionysius put them through training exercises, but after seven days they'd had enough of hard work and they refused to continue.

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6.13 The Samians, seeing the Ionians' lack of discipline, decided to accept their tyrant's offer and quit the Ionian alliance.

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6.14 During the battle that followed, all but 11 Samian ships deserted the Greeks mid-fight. Their withdrawal prompted others to  leave too.

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6.15 Of those who stood firm, the Chians fared the worst. They captured many enemy ships and lost many of their own.

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6.16 But afterwards some of them made for home overland, arriving at Ephesus at night. The Ephesians, thinking them thieves, killed them.

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6.17 Dionysius of Phocaea, seeing the Ionians were finished, captured three enemy ships and sailed off to become a pirate in Sicily.

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6.18 After their victory the Persians laid siege to Miletus and captured it. An oracle the Milesians had received thus came to pass.

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6.19 The oracle had said that the women of Miletus wd wind up washing the feet of long-haired warriors: the Persians wore their hair long.

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6.20 The Milesian POWs were brought to Susa, and Darius settled them near the Red Sea. He gave Miletus itself to the Carians.

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