Book 6

6.21 When Phrynichus produced his play The Capture of Miletus the Athenians, upset over events, fined him and forbade its future production.

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6.22 Some of the Samians who were anti-Persian, together with some Milesian fugitives, sailed to found a colony in Sicily.

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6.23 Rather than founding a new colony, the Samians took the city of Zancle while its men were off besieging another place.

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6.24 Scythes, the former king of Zancle, wound up at the court of King Darius in Persia. He died there later, very old and very wealthy.

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6.25 After capturing Miletus, the Persians gave Samos to Aeaces. The Samians' temples weren't burnt, their reward for deserting the Ionians.

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6.26 Histiaeus, in Byzantium, heard the news about Miletus. He sailed for Chios with a bunch of Lesbians and attacked the place.

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6.27 There had been signs presaging calamity, e.g., sickness. Now, weakened by the sea fight, the Chians were easily conquered by Histiaeus.

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6.28 Histiaeus next laid siege to Thasos, then went to the mainland opposite Lesbos, where the Persians under Harpagus captured him.

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6.29 Histiaeus was taken alive bc when he was about to be killed he spoke Persian & identified himself. He figured Darius would forgive him.

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6.30 Darius might have, but Artaphrenes impaled Histiaeus & sent his head to Darius. Darius wasn't happy. He buried H's head with ceremony.

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