Book 6

6.31 Thus the end of Histiaeus. The next year the Persians captured Chios, Lesbos, & Tenedos. They hunted down all the islands' inhabitants.

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6.32 They had the best looking boys in the captured cities castrated. They sent the pretty girls to Darius & burned the cities and temples.

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6.33 The Phoenician fleet captured cities in the Chersonese and on the northern shore of the Sea of Marmara, plus Byzantium.

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6.34 Miltiades #2 had been ruling the Chersonese. Miltiades #1 had set things up. Some Thracian kings sought a new founder of their country.

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6.35 The Thracians met Miltiades #1 (son of Cypselus) in Athens (in Pisistratus' time) and offered him the rule. He asked Delphi's advice.

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6.36 Delphi told him to go for it, so Miltiades #1 took some Athenians & settled in the Chersonese, walling off its neck to stop invaders.

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6.37 Miltiades #1 was taken captive by the Lampsacenes in a war, but Croesus of Lydia threatened them and made them release him.

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6.38 Miltiades #1 died childless & left his tyranny to his half-brother's son Stesagoras. He also died childless, hit in the head w/an axe.

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6.39 Stesagoras' bro Miltiades #2 inherited the tyranny. He imprisoned the bigwigs of the area & married the daughter of the Thracian king.

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6.40 This Miltiades, the son of Cimon, was driven out of the Chersonese at one point by the Scythians, but he later returned. 

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