Book 6

6.41 When Miltiades heard the Persians were near, he left for Athens w/5 ships. 4 made it, but the 5th, commanded by M's son, was captured.

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6.42 For the rest of that year [493] the Persians refrained from further conquest. They organized Ionia into districts for tax purposes.

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6.43 In the spring Darius' son-in-law Mardonius established democracies in Ionia, then crossed the Hellespont, headed for Eretria & Athens.

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6.44 His forces conquered Thasos and Macedon, but his fleet was destroyed when trying to round Athos.

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6.45 His army was attacked by the Thracian Brygi. Many were killed. Mardonius was wounded. He conquered the Brygi and returned to Asia.

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6.46 The next year Darius bid the Thasians pull down their walls and bring their ships to Abdera. The Thasians earned $$$ from gold mines.

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6.47 I've seen their gold mines. The most impressive are the ones on the east coast, which the Phoenicians discovered.

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6.48 Darius sent heralds throughout Greece to demand earth & water. He sent others to his coastal cities bidding them to construct warships.

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6.49 Of the Greeks, some on the mainland submitted, and all the islands, including Aegina. The Athenians complained to Sparta about Aegina.

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6.50 Cleomenes, the Spartan king, crossed to Aegina to arrest people, but they opposed him, per the advice of Demaratus, Spartan king #2.

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