Book 6

6.51 Demaratus was back in Sparta attacking Cleomenes. The two kings are related, but Demaratus' house is of slightly inferior ancestry.

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6.52 The Spartans say that the dual kingship started with the twin sons of their king Aristodemus, both of whom ruled after his death.

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6.53 Other Greeks list the Dorian kings going back to Perseus, son of Danaƫ, showing that they were Greeks. But Danaƫ was actually Egyptian.

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6.54 The Persians say that Perseus was an Assyrian who became Greek.

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6.55 Enough of that. Others have told how these men became masters of the Dorians. I'll write about things no one else has mentioned.

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6.56 Sparta's kings have various perks, incl. being able to wage war against anyone they want. Plus they get a bodyguard when on campaign.

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6.57 During peace time they get extra food and front row seats at athletic events, and they sit as members of the Spartan Gerousia [senate].

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6.58 When a Spartan king dies the news is carried around Laconia. Various people have to go to the funeral, where they beat their foreheads.

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6.59 After a king dies, the incoming king forgives Spartiates any debts they owe to the king or state. In this they are like the Persians.

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6.60 The Spartans are like the Egyptians in that heralds, flute-players, and cooks inherit their trades from their fathers.

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