Book 6

6.61 So, Cleomenes wanted to get rid of Demaratus. Now, D's dad Ariston had no kids by his 1st 2 wives. But his friend had a beautiful wife.

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6.62 Ariston tricked his friend into agreeing to give him the woman. The friend was unhappy, but he’d sworn an oath, so he handed her over.

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6.63 When Ariston's 3rd wife gave birth less than 10 [lunar] months later, he said the kid couldn't be his, but he later changed his mind.

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6.64 When Ariston died, Demaratus succeeded to the throne, but he was destined to be deprived of his kingship.

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6.65 Cleomenes plotted w/Leotychides (whose fiancée Demaratus had stolen): in return for the throne, L. charged D w/not being Ariston’s son.

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6.66 The Spartans asked Delphi about Demaratus’ legitimacy, but Cleomenes had bribed key ppl: the prophetess said D. was NOT Ariston’s son.

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6.67 Demaratus lost his kingship. He later fled to Persia after being insulted at the Festival of Naked Boys. But 1st he saw his mother.

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6.68 He begged her to tell him whether he was Ariston's son, or her former husband's, or--as rumor had it--her muleteer's.

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6.69 Mom said he was the son of either Ariston or the Ariston-shaped ghost of a dead hero: she'd slept w/both the night she was impregnated.

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6.70 Having gotten his answer, Demaratus fled to Persia. The Spartans pursued him, wanting to arrest him, but they only caught his servants.

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