Book 6

6.71 Leotychides succeeded to the throne and left behind a son, Archidemus, and a daughter, Lampito.

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6.72 Leotychidae was not destined to die in Sparta. He was caught taking a bribe and was banished. He fled to Tegea, where he died.

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6.73 But that was later. Now, Leotychides and Cleomenes went to Aegina and took hostages, which they handed over to the Athenians.

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6.74 Later the truth re. what Cleomenes did to Demaratus came out. C. fled to Arcadia, where he tried to unite the Arcadians against Sparta.

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6.75 The Spartans took him back, but he went mad & killed himself. The Argives say this was because he'd killed their men in a sacred grove.

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6.76 You see, Delphi had told Cleomenes he would take Argos. The omens didn't let him cross a river into Argos, so he went down to the sea.

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6.77 The Argives came & camped opposite them. Whenever the Spartan herald gave the Spartans an order, the Argives also did what was ordered.

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6.78 Cleomenes figured this out and told his men to attack when he gave the order for breakfast. When they did, many Argives hid in a grove.

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6.79 Cleomenes tricked them, calling men out by name and saying that they’d be ransomed. He killed about fifty men this way.

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6.80 Then C. burned the grove down. He was sad to learn it was sacred to Argus: a prophecy had said he'd take Argos; he'd wanted the city.

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