Book 6

6.81 Next he went to a shrine, but the priest said he couldn't sacrifice there. He had the guy flogged, did the sacrifice, and went home.

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6.82 In Sparta Cleomenes was accused of being bribed not to take Argos. His defense succeeded: the god only wanted him to take the grove.

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6.83 Argos, meanwhile, was so depleted of men that the slaves took over. They were finally driven out, but hostilities lasted for some time.

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6.84 That's why C. went mad, the Argives say. The Spartans say it's because he began drinking heavily. I think it was the Demaratus affair.

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6.85 The Aeginetans later complained in Sparta re. their hostages. It was decided Leotychidas wd go w/them to Athens to get their men back.

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6.86 The Athenians, however, refused to surrender the hostages, even after Leotychides told them a moralizing story meant to sway them.

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6.87 Leotychides went home, but the Aeginetans, to punish the Athenians, captured their state ship and put the men aboard in chains.

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6.88 The Athenians retaliated by plotting with an Aeginetan named Nicodromus to take over the island.

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6.89 Nicodromus did his part, but the Athenians arrived a day late because they'd had to get ships for the operation from the Corinthians.

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6.90 When the Athenians didn't show, Nicodromus and others fled Aegina. The Athenians settled them at Sunium.

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