Book 7

7.1 When Darius heard about Marathon, he began preparing a 2nd expedition to Greece. Work went on for 3  yrs. In the 4th yr. Egypt revolted.

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7.2 Darius’ sons Artobazanes & Xerxes debated which shd be chosen heir. A. was eldest, by D.’s 1st wife, but X was the grandson of Cyrus.

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7.3 Demaratus of Sparta came to Susa. He told Xerxes to argue that he (unlike bro) was born when Darius was king. X. did & was named heir.

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7.4 The year after he'd named Xerxes his successor, Darius died. He'd ruled for 36 yrs. It was not his lot to punish either Egypt or Athens.

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7.5 Xerxes, now king, wasn't interested in invading Greece, but his cousin Mardonius argued that he needed to punish the Athenians.

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7.6 Mardonius was motivated by his desire to be made satrap of Greece. Some Thessalian Aleuadae and the exiled Pisistratids also wanted war.

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7.7 Xerxes was persuaded. First, however, he put down the rebellion in Egypt, and he made his brother Achaemenes satrap there.

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7.8 Xerxes summoned his nobles & told them of his plans to subdue Greece &, while he was at it, the rest of Europe. He asked their opinions.

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7.9 Mardonius spoke 1st. The way the Greeks fight is stupid, he said. They prob. won't dare to meet us in battle. If they do, they'll lose.

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7.10 Xerxes' uncle Artabanus (who'd also opposed Darius' Scythian venture) rebuked Mardonius & pointed out the dangers of a Grk expedition.

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