Book 7

7.91 The Cilicians furnished 100 ships and wore woolly tunics. The Pamphylians had 30 ships. They're descended from Trojans.

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7.92 The Lycians furnished 50 ships. Their caps were feathered but their arrows were not. The Lycians came originally from Crete.

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7.93 The Dorians of Asia, who were originally from the Peloponnese, furnished 30 ships, and the Carians 70.

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7.94 The Ionians had 100 ships. They take their name from Ion, the son of Xuthus.

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7.95 The Ionian islanders furnished 17 ships, the Aeolians 60, & the people from the Hellespont a hundred.

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7.96 The Phoenician ships were fastest. Each people had native leaders, but these were of no account. Persian generals held supreme command.

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7.97 Ariabignes, Prexaspes, Megabyzus & Achaemenes led the navy. There were 3000 triaconters, penteconters, light ships & horse transports.

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7.98 Among the most famous aboard, apart from the generals, were Tetramnestus of Sidon and Syennesis of Cilicia.

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7.99 Notably, Artemisia of Halicarnassus served in place of her husband, who was dead. She commanded 5 ships & was the king's best advisor.

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7.100 With his forces counted, Xerxes went among the men, from nation to nation & ship to ship, asking them about themselves & taking notes.

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