Book 7

7.101 Then X. asked Demaratus (the former Spartan king) if the Greeks wd dare face his host: X didn’t think they stood a chance against him.

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7.102 Demaratus said that the Spartans would fight Xerxes alone if they had to, even if they had only 1000 men against his entire army.

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7.103 That's crazy, Xerxes said. How could they possibly fight against such numbers, and WHY would they, being free men and not compelled?

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7.104 The Spartans are free, Demaratus said, but they do what the law bids, which is never to flee but to stand in line and conquer or die.

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7.105 Xerxes dismissed Demaratus with a laugh. He made Mascames satrap in Doriscus. Then he and the rest marched off for Greece via Thrace.

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7.106 Later, Xerxes regularly sent Mascames gifts. He was the only satrap the Greeks would fail to drive out of the area after the invasion.

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7.107 Of the other satraps Xerxes honored only Boges, who killed his wife and kids and himself rather than surrender Eïon to the Athenians.

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7.108 Xerxes marched from Doriscus toward Greece, forcing those en route--who had been conquered in previous invasions--to serve with him.

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7.109 He passed various cities and lakes and rivers on the way. His pack animals drank dry a lake that was 3 1/3 miles in circumference.

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7.110 He passed through various Thracian tribes, all of whom joined his forces under compulsion, except for the Satrae.

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