Book 7

7.111 The Satrae have never been subject to anyone, so far as we know. An oracle of Dionysus is in their territory, high in the mountains.

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7.112 Xerxes passed through the land of the Satrae. Then he passed Mount Pangaeus and its gold and silver mines, keeping it to his right.

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7.113 He arrived at Eïon & the Strymon River, where the Magi cut the throats of some white horses by way of seeking a favorable omen.

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7.114 The Persians crossed the river at Nine Roads. Because of the name, they buried alive 9 local boys & girls--a Persian custom of sorts.

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7.115 Xerxes continued west from the Strymon, making the people in those parts join his army or navy, as appropriate.

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7.116 When he got to Acanthus, Xerxes named the Acanthians his guest-friends. This was due to their having built the canal through Athos.

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7.117 While Xerxes was there, the canal's chief architect died, Artachaees. He was about 8 feet tall and had the loudest voice in the world.

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7.118 The cities that hosted Xerxes' army on his march were devastated by the experience due to the enormous expense of feeding so many men.

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7.119 Corn had to be prepared months in advance, cattle fattened, & gold & silver bowls prepared. And the army took everything when it left.

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7.120 Someone remarked at the time that the people of Abdera, who had hosted Xerxes, should be thankful the king only ate once a day.

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